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You have noticed if you visit some times our web site: it is totally new.

We wanted to make its access easier, to propose a "friendly interface" and to add new possibilities, in particular a large data base of our products: on top of disposing of our catalogs "on line", that you can download with a click on the one which interests you on the right, you can now directly look for products or services on the left.

Get information on who we are, on our international projects, our new products and the special offers we are permanently proposing, obtain prepared practices, with their description and material, and download didactic software which is at your disposal.

Please send us your comments, they will help us to enrich and complete this site, which is yours. And visit it frequently: we are updating it permanently.

You will find a presentation of our activities in english here, the rest of the site is in spanish.

Good surf!

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